It is exactly what it says. If you aren't happy with your non-closeout order you can, within 60 days, return your items (undamaged, unaltered, and in resalable condition) and get 100% of your purchase price plus 10% on top of that.

We've been selling pants since 2007 and have had only a handful of customers return anything, and most of those people ask us to refund them 100% not 110% (most people are really nice). But, a deal is a deal and we always make good on our 110%.

We get so much great feedback from our customers, that I'm pretty much willing to lose money to get you to just try our stuff.

There is one caveat. If you do decide to return something, we reserve the right to withdraw the 110% return policy on your future orders. Meaning, you'd get your 110% refund for the thing you're returning, but 4 months down the road when you realize that our stuff is pretty sweet, you're only backed by a 100% guarantee.

Also, if you make a habit of ordering and returning, ordering and returning, we reserve the right to refuse future orders.

See the Returns & Exchanges page for more details and exact instructions.

Final note, the 110% guarantee applies to all non-closeout items unless otherwise stated. Closeout items are non-returnable.