What Our Customers Are Saying

The latin dance pants fit great and the material is super and the cut in the hips is very nice, gives good shape in all areas. The cut in the pant leg is really nice, too, a full look, I like it very much.
— Bill Sparks - Former US Open International Latin Champion
Normally, good looking latin dance pants run $300 a piece, but if these run as low as they have been running they could very much be used to teach and compete in all at the same time. I used these pants this weekend at our nationals. They look professionally made and for a teacher that cannot afford custom made latin dance pants or for students just starting to compete these pants would be a very smart and good looking investment. I back up these pants 100% and I am happily surprised with the service, the quality and most importantly the value of the pants I got for the price.
At the end of the day its all about value. The only other pair of latin dance pants I think are better are Lenique. BUT!, LeNique is very expensive. ,the only reason they are better is because they are tailor made for my body.
I would love to teach every day in quality latin dance pants but they are too expensive.
AT LEAST UNTIL I STARTED USING YOUR LATIN DANCE PANTS. I plan on buying another 2-4 pair of your pants so that I may teach in them everyday!
These pants are the pants that I would use on a day to day basis. Something that other latin dance pants could not be and do.
— Javier O. - Professional Teacher & Competitor
Your pants have the fit and quality of pants twice as expensive and your customer service is superb.
— George F. - Dancer
Today I received the pants! The delivery time - 5 days - as you promised! Your service is incredible! My son tried them on and they are absolutely amazing !!!!!!!!

The waist sat perfectly,the material (heavy enough as it have to be at the same time light enough - just how they must be to fascinate!) and the way you constructed them are just perfect !! They flow with moving and take my breath away!

I’m very happy that I found you! Thank you thousands of times!!! I will tell all my friends and teachers in dancing community about You and your absolutely magic pants! Highly professionally done from every point of view!

Thank you also for your very helpful videos! I’m silver dancer :). Once again - THANK YOU !!! Good luck in your business and dancing career! We will be back soon :)
— Katherine - Dancer
The speed with which I got the pants was great. I waited a total of maybe three days, I don’t recall but I know it was fast. I did try the latin dance pants on when I received them, and they fit amazingly well. I tried out a few small motions at home, and they also felt great. In terms of how they hold up in terms of wear and tear, I will let you know in the future.
What made me order the dance pants was the advertisement in the MAC Book, the way the pants looked and the special offer (since money is tight in the States as we all know).
I will say that in quality, from the first moment I touched the fabric, it was in a league of its own. My tailor complemented the fabric, its fold, its quality, etc. I think you’ve got really quality latin dance pants, really good looking, good feeling pants that will go great with any costume, and that will deliver 100% each and every time in terms of giving the leg the look all dancers desire, short of spending hours in the studio or gym, working it out.
— Nik - Competitor
I have to say that they are the best fitting pants that I have worn. My other dance pants were custom made for me and this is the first pair that I have gotten “Off the Rack” and the fit and line is far better than my custom made pants. Nice Clean lines and they move perfectly as I dance. The cut and style is very flattering. Thank you!
— Larry B. - Dancer
The quality of both the shirt and the latin dance pants are excellent. They are cut with the body of the dancer in mind. Customer service and shipping are excellent. On the scale of 1 to 10, it’s rated 11. I have looked at some latin pants brought over from England at a dance competion in St. Pete Florida and they were baggy and material looked very cheap. Line M dance pants do give the dancer that Slavik look.
I hesitated to order at first because the quality of the video used to show the latin dance pants was not very good so it was hard to tell if the pants was cut to fit or was loose and baggy. But your guarantee made it hard not to try to order the products to see if the quality of the product and services is true as stated. Everything is true as advertised.
I think basic black mock tutlte neck shirts, polo shirt or latin shirts similar to those made by DSI will be very popular for the men, especially if they have Line M’s quality, value, excellent service and guarantee.
— Trung - Competitor
I started dancing 5 months ago. I took lessons and danced in clubs.
This is the first time I purchase a pair of latin dance pants. I like the low price but I like the quality of the product more. I modified the raise of the waist to a low waist by myself with a sewing kit, without a sewing machine. So, I can really appreciate the precision cut of pieces fabric of the pants.
The shipping speed was like lightning. I order on a Friday night, it was in my letter box on Monday noon.
At first, I wanted to cancel my purchase because it is online and I didn’t read about the raise of the waist. I contacted Mr. Ou and he gave me the exact positioning of the waist line. We both use size 30 pants, so I felt comfortable enough to proceed with the purchase.
I went to a club with this pair of latin pants on my own. I felt more focused on the dancing rather than social-ing, but it turned out to be one of the bests nights I have had.
— John - Dancer
I thought that for the quality of the pants, the price was very reasonable. I have already referred a few of my students to you.
— Albert - Dance Teacher
My initial impression was that the latin dance pants looked great from the front, but were a bit snug in the seat. After I got good reviews on the overall fit by a couple of lady friends, especially from the back, I decided the pants looked great from the front and back. They feel good and move well. I am having the length altered slightly and will try them out in a local comp this weekend.
— John - Competitor
You provide EXCELLENT customer service. You’ve made an apostle of me. I’ve been telling a number of people about your line of clothing.
— Ken - Dancer
I tried the latin dance pants today and they are great. The material is smooth, soft, and light. I like the movement and the slightly larger bottom. The stretching material makes the pants very comfortable with no resticting of movements.
— Richard C. - Dance Teacher
The best quality of the latin dance pants is the fit and shape. They mold to my body, stretching and slimming in all the right places. It is nice that they come unhemmed, allowing for a truly personalized fit. The latin dance pants were a great deal all around.
I was hesitant to buy them in two ways: 1) Dancers tend to be slender, and the clothes they wear tend to be cut to accommodate this build. I, on the other hand, am not a small man, and was afraid that they would not fit my build. However, the 110% money back guarantee assured me that not only would I be able to exchange them if they didn’t fit, but I would be compensated for the time it would take to send them back. 2) As I am only semi-competitive, I wondered if the money would be worth it. However, I did a simple mental calculation and discovered that buying these latin dance pants was slightly less expensive than two hour long dance lessons at the local studio. I figured that the expense was justified, as - combined with my private lessons - they would help me to look better and more professional on the dance floor than two extra lessons would.
The customer service provided was above and beyond my expectations. There was some confusion with delivery, and Line M was more than willing to help me. There was some fear that the package had been lost, and the offer came to replace my order. All I had to pay was shipping and handling! That is a pair of $170 latin dance pants for something like $15-$20! I didn’t even ask for that to happen, it was simply offered without provocation. Luckily the package was found and nothing had to be replaced. But, the excellent quality, low price, and outstanding customer service make this a product that I will highly recommend to anyone.
The price was right, the quality is great, the customer service was EXCELLENT, and it is all backed up by the 110% money back guarantee. What more could one possibly ask for?
— Jacob L. - Competitor
The latin dance pants were for my husband. The line is great,the front seam really gives a long line. He’s tall anyway, but he looks especially trim and tall in the pants.
They were a good deal. Everything I saw online prior to Line M was in the $225-300 range. The special you offered the other day for late Cyber Monday of $40 off was a GREAT deal.
We actually started dancing in May of 2008, and our first big Showcase is this weekend! We are doing the Latin dances,cha cha, rhumba, and salsa. We had dress rehearsal in costume last night, and everything fit perfectly.
— Heather D. - Dancer
Hello, the latin dance pants are great. But what i really need is more business cards what you sent me went in a matter of hours at the event. The people like then but really like the price. There some manufactors charging 360.00 for pants and 500.00 for long vest. Please let me know if you are going to make vest too.
— Charles J. - Competitor
I hesitated because I had never owned or worn real dance latin dance pants. I wasn’t certain if it would make a big difference in my ability to move around. The dance pants allow much freer movement than anything I’ve worn before. Service and shipping speed was superb.
— Jordan W. - Competitor
I LOVED the latin dance pants and received many compliments on them. I wholeheartedly am recommending you to my friends in the dance community. I felt the latin dance pants were a steal at the price. Thank you so much!
— Ian E. - Dancer
It is made well and the material is great. Although it is tight, I feel comfortable in it. I have never worn anything this tight before and was worried about inappropriate bulging every where but good tailoring and good material eliminate this problem.
The service and speed of shipping was excellent. I was hesitant when I ordered the latin dance pants on your site (I know you give guarantee and I can tell you stand behind your product and will take good care of your customer even if your customer bought a wrong size, but it is still a hassle to exchange stuff bought online) but I decided to take the gamble and ordered it anyway and I was glad I made a good decision, thank you!
— Ben O. - Competitor
I really like how fast the shipping was, the elastic waistband was genius, most latin dance pants just come fitted, and if you gain or lose a little weight, your buying new latin pants. I love how they fit through the crotch and upper leg. The material is great and I even washed them a couple times, and they havent like shrunk or been destroyed from that. The built in seam is great, and makes hanging very easy. The price was also great for how quick and easy it was to get them into use. I still havent hemmed the pant leg, but they still look great and I wore them for a show last week.
I ordered them on Sat. and they were here on Monday. that was great. I ordered a pair from Germany and it took literally months to complete the order. I love the off the rack ready to go.
I thought they were a great deal once I tried them on and saw how they fit. I have bought some before that were just very low quality and I wasn’t satisfied with them. I was a little skeptical about their quality from just the website picture. I thought they might fall apart., but I was really surprised by how durable they are. Great Deal.
— Todd H. - Competitor
My wife and I have been dancing for three years, we started dancing right after we met. I am 28 and my wife is 25, we dance latin and swing mostly. I love the way the latin dance pants look and fit, no improvements needed! I normally dance in dress pants which sometimes can be restrictive, but your pants are free flowing and give me the range of motion I need. Shipping was lightning fast and service was excellent. Now that I have seen the quality first hand I will definitely be purchasing a second pair.
I have to say that my new Line M latin dance pants are the best pair of dance pants I have ever had the pleasure of dancing in. The cut and fit are perfect and the way they look is incredible. Your customer service is top notch and shipping was super fast. I will definitely be (and already have started) recommending these pants to all my friends. You can not go wrong with Line M dance latin dance pants.
— Anthony S. - Dancer
I am a professional ballroom dancer. I was tired of ripping the seams in my regular dress pants and I needed affordable, low-maintenance pants that I could wear all day. I saw that you had a special, and I jumped at the offer. So far, they’re working out well for me. They hug where they need to and stretch when they have to. That’s all I wanted. I also like the style of the pants. The belt loops are like nothing I’ve ever seen before. Service and shipping went beyond my expectations. I look forward to being one of your first customers when those smooth pants are ready to order.
— Ricardo R. - Professional Teacher & Competitor
Overall, the latin pants are terrific and fit very well. I will seriously consider purchasing another pair, so I can use 1 for practice/socials and 1 for comps. The service was simply top-notch. I received confirmation of shipping the same day and had the pants in my hands 2 days later. Absolutely superb!
— Radmil E. - Competitor
I was using off the shelf trousers. This is obviously much better than trousers. The best part about the latin dance pants is the fabric. It feels comfortable, is very functional and stretches very easily. It also makes your hips look good. The loops are also good. If you are coming out with Latin shirts, let me know,
— Ajit R. - Competitor
The men’s dance pants look awesome and they feel great. Super comfortable, breathable, light, and flexible.
— Zach B. - Teacher
The men’s latin dance pants fit great and are light and stretchy so they don’t hamper any movement while on the dance floor. I was very pleased with the dance pants and the way that they looked and moved while dancing. By allowing us to do our own hemming the pants are certain to be the right length and we can do the hems however we want.
— Ashland D. - Competitor
First things first, I really love the fabric that was used to make these men’s dance pants. When I purchase anything I make sure that they feel good on my skin and obviously these did because I bought them. Secondly, they were not the shiny black material i see all the time they were jet black which in my case made me happy. The dance pants were very free flowing and very comfortable to wear during my competition. The added plus of the men’s dance pants was the shaping it gave my lower half made all the difference, because i never like dance pants that make things slightly out of proportion. The style and everything was genuinely taken into consideration.
— LeBraun H. - Competitor
Fits great. Looks great.
— Jason P. - Competitor
I received my men’s latin dance pants last weekend. They look great and fit great without any alteration. They look good and feel good.
Thanks so much! I’ll definitely recommend you to everyone. If you decide to come out with any other products like pants for standard/smooth dancers, let me know, I’ll be first in line.
— Angelo - Competitor
Just writing to let you know that I received the men’s latin dance pants today - that was fast! I only tried them on briefly, but from what I can tell, it is very comfortable to wear and move in. It also flows very nicely in motion. Thanks!
— Kevin - Dancer
The men’s dance pants look great! I like the stretchy material as well! High end men’s dance pants, Very satisfied and would recommend to everyone.
— Raymond - Dancer
I have received the men’s dance pants, and really like the design and construction. I plan on wearing in August at the Empire Stste competition in NY. Maybe the dance pants will bring me luck, since I feel good in them.
— Ken - Competitor
You’re the MAN!!! These pants are great. I got them already. You shipped them on the 9th and I got them on the 11th before noon! And these pants are really, really nice and fit perfect.
Thanks so much!
— Max M. - Competitor
The pants arrived today and they’re great! They fit perfectly and look terrific. Very nice construction, too.
— Fred H. - Dancer
I am just a student but I ordered the latin pants from you and they look and feel great!
— Sigis - Dancer
I must tell you that I have been anticipating the arrival of my dancepants. Nine years as a salsa dancer and not one pair of dance pants in my collection has ever satisfied me until today. I must tell you that my New Basic Latin Pants are amazing. Starting with the waistband which hugs and maintains its position giving me that look that I know will get me a lot of attention. The fabric is so comfortable that I can’t wait to put it to the test of four hours of nonstop dancing. So off to the tailor to get a quick hem, find that perfect shirt, and then decide which place to go dancing to show off. Thanks, I will be ordering in the near future.
— Mikal - Salsa Dancer
The pants work really well. I am a silver level dancer and I was trying to decide where to get my first pair of latin pants. When I found you online, I tried it out. The waist fit me perfectly. I am a size 30 waist usually and the 29 fit perfect. The pants flow perfectly with my leg movements and hip action which is a huge plus. After getting them tailored, I knew this pair of pants would be one of many to come from Line M. I am going to my first dance competition since 2 years ago and I know these pants will make me stand out a lot better than the suit pants I used to use. The pants were actually delivered a day earlier than the expected arrival day and I just was happy beyond belief. I showed them off to my studio and they were amazed how well they fit coming from an online website. All I can say is thank you for making my first pair of latin pants amazing.
— Thomas - Dancer
This is by far one of the best deals available for collegiate or amateur dancers. The material is not too heavy, and works very well for both practice and competitions / showcases. This fabric is actually more wrinkle-resistant than the custom-made pants that I had made for me, which makes transporting them much easier. I have purchased several pairs from this company, and they never seem to disappoint. Even though these are not custom-made pants, they still are infinitely better than normal dress pants for dancing. I am very happy with how the material moves, and cannot complain with the fantastic price. Line M is also notoriously speedy with shipping their products, and they have been a pleasure to do business with over the past year or so.

I am also very happy with the new and improved model of the pants. The new model’s material seems to move even better than the previous fabric, with a bit more stretch and comfort. These latin pants have lost none of their versatility, and I look forward to using them many times in the future.
— Don M. - Dancer
Thank you so much!
I recently ordered a pair of the basic Latin Dance Pants for my son. He competed in them last night and loves them!! Loves the fit, the movement and the weight of the material. When he sends me the video, I’ll forward it to you.
Again, thank you for providing an affordable, quality product. Many of the pants he tried on in this price range, looked like a cheap Halloween costume.
Hope you do well with your business! We will be return customers.
— Karen G. - Dancer
Thank you, I got my pants yesterday. They are everything you said they would, mostly an exceptional value.

Also thank you for the dance videos you have done.

Count me satisfied!
— Randy H. - Dancer
My partner ordered two pairs of your pants for me and I just wanted to tell you that I love them. First, the material feels great. When I sweat, it does not itch. Second, the waist is flexible so when my weight fluctuates, I feel comfortable wearing them. I don’t have to unbuckle them just to breath when I gain a few pounds. Third, they look great. And fourth, they are affordable.

I remember you and your partner. We competed against one another at a few competitions. I remember having a conversation with you and how you expressed an interest in having a business outside of purely teaching dancing. I think your business of making pants is a fabulous idea. It is a very niche market and there is definitely a need for it. Also, I think it is very smart that you designed one style of pants in different sizes. You spend money on design once and you just keep reproducing the same design over and over.

FYI. I also have a business outside of dancing. I have two types of businesses: investment management and informational products (books and newsletter). If you go to my website www.classicvalueinvestors.com, you might remember who I am.
— Mariusz S. - Professional Latin Competitor
The pants just arrived and as expected the quality is excellent and the fit is fantastic. Thank you so much for working with me on this and getting me the pant so quickly. Rest assured I’m giving others great reviews of your company and you product.
— Scott P. - Dancer